Custom Page Numbers in PDFs and Printed Reports


In [FileMaker 9 Tip #6][1] we explained how to use the new Append to PDF feature in FileMaker 9. With it, you can build up a PDF file over many steps in a script, to produce a much more complex and data-rich PDF than was ever possible before. One of our readers, Norman Foster, asked a very sensible question:

>This Append looks great but can it paginate across the entire set of PDF files. I want the page numbers in footers or headers, and I want them to be sequential. -Norman Foster

The Append to PDF Feature doesn’t do this automatically, but with a little calculation magic, it can be done.

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Passing Multiple Parameters to Scripts – Advanced

Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever you need a parameter you could just ask for it by name? Lets say that you have a create order script and you want to pass the script the name, street and zip code of the customer. If you were stuck with just the regular old FileMaker functions there ain’t no way that’s happening. But after you are done with this post, you will be able to get the name of your customer with the simple function: `GetParameter( “customerName” )`.

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