Six Fried Rice at the DevCon FileMaker Genius Bar

I’m excited to let you all know that Jesse and I will be participating in a cool new dealio at DevCon. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the scoop: Chris Kubica ([author](, [developer](, and all around FileMaker powerhouse), arranged for a special booth at DevCon to be staffed by reasonably good FileMaker folks like us. You can bring your problems, questions, and FileMaker challenges to the booth and get free advice. It’s called the FileMaker Genius Bar. I love the idea and hate the name.

The Six Fried Rice guide to Genius.

>THIS JUST IN: It turns out this booth is actually called The FileMaker Visionary Bar™. I stand corrected. I still don’t like the name. I mean *I am* pretty visionary, no doubt about it. But Jesse? Come on…

This is something I’ve always wanted to see at DevCon, and (what is it the teenagers like Jesse say these days?) “props” to Chris for putting it together. It is so much fun to sit down and work out FileMaker challenges with people from all over the world. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Jesse and I will be manning the booth together during these time slots:

– Monday from 4pm to 5pm
– Tuesday from 11am to 12pm
– Wednesday from 11am to 12pm

If you’ve got FileMaker questions you think we could help with, swing by for a visit. We’d love to meet you.

See you all there!

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12 thoughts on “Six Fried Rice at the DevCon FileMaker Genius Bar

  1. @Chris – I would like to point out the the fact that I specifically told Geoff that it was called the Visionary Bar, but he continued with the absurd post. Also, I would like to point out Geoff’s striking resemblance to Lurch:
    So if you are looking for Six Fried Rice in the crowd. Look for Lurch and a good looking guy(me) in a wheelchair arguing about something stupid.

  2. By the way, it was really great to meet you two at DevCon. Thanks for your help at the Visionary Bar. You were always on time and very helpful. Until next year… 🙂

  3. That picture is about 90 years old. I was terrified when I saw it. That’s what I get for not sending Advisor a new picture when they asked. Sheesh…