About SFR

Six Fried Rice (SFR) is owned and operated by Jesse Antunes, an accomplished web application developers with extensive experience in SQL, Ruby on Rails, Java and FileMaker Pro. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, SFR has customers all around the world. Our mission is to build the best apps on earth for exceptionally happy customers.

Jesse Antunes

Jesse Antunes is a certified FileMaker Pro expert with an exceptionally broad skill set. Equally comfortable with Java, SQL, Perl, and Ruby, Jesse is an integration wizard. He could probably make your website talk seamlessly to your garden hose if you hired us to find out. He got his start with FileMaker Pro and has spent the last five years honing his web application skills. Jesse has designed, built, and delivered dozens of top-notch applications for customers in every sector from airplane repair to furniture manufacturing. He’s never one to back down from a problem that’s left everyone else stumped. Needless to say, he’s the kind of developer you want in your corner if you care about finding the best possible solution quickly.

When he’s not wrestling FileMaker into submission, Jesse spends his free time traveling with his Fiancee Brittani (he’s got family in Brazil and a condo in Mexico), playing video games with his nerdier friends, and making excuses for not working out.

filemaker_11_cert Jesse Antunes is a FileMaker 10 Certified Developer Jesse Antunes is a FileMaker 9 Certified Developer

Daniel Antunes

Daniel started with SFR in January, 2008. In addition to FileMaker Pro prowess, Daniel also has top-notch expertise with Windows and Mac OS X system administration. His skills have proven invaluable to our customers, whether they’re struggling with a Cisco router, or need to set up external authentication with Active Directory.

When he’s not buried waist-deep in FileMaker code, Daniel spends his time sipping coffee and making friends at a local privately owned gourmet coffee shop. We dig this passion of his, because he finds a lot of business among his fellow customers.

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