Every app we build is custom designed to fit your needs and, fortunately, we have already done some legwork by putting a lot of thought into creating an easy, approachable, powerful, and efficient user interface. Over the years we've honed the user experience so your staff can get comfortable right away and your app can grow with you. The truth is, many apps have the basics in common.

Read on for some examples of the kinds of apps we build.

Show Me a List

Almost every application starts with finding what you're looking for. Need to pull up an order quickly? Check the bill rate for an employee? Find out where that shipment is? Whatever your business, you need quick access to your records and nine times out of ten, that means a list with easy searching.

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Search At Your Fingertips

Most customers appreciate a quick search box for the usual case. If Google can search the whole internet with one search box, then you can probably find what you want most of the time by simply typing a few words.

But in some cases you need more granular control. In this sample application, we have provided an advanced "Filter" panel where you can tell the application exactly what projects you want to look at. Just fill in the blanks and click Search.



Create and Edit

While finding data is critical to any application, entering new information and editing existing data is equally important. We handcraft beautiful, dynamic, easy-to-use data entry forms that gather the data and get out of your way. Using modern HTML design techniques we ensure you never lose your place.


See the Details

In this application, once you've found just the records you want you can export key data to Excel for analysis or produce a PDF to email to a vendor or customer.

You can also click the project in the list to see full details. This detail page shows you everything about the project in one place, with lightening-fast tabs so you don't have to scroll around or click from page to page.

The toolbar allows you to easily make changes to the project.

Build the Right Tool

Many applications use a lot of the same user interface concepts but just about every application we build needs a little something extra. Perhaps you have a unique method of planning, or you like to see your course schedule in a calendar view, or your time sheets need to be just right. Whatever you need, because we custom design every application from scratch, we can build an interface that’s a perfect fit. Here are a few examples.

Custom timesheet

This customer wanted a digital timesheet that matched the paper forms their staff was familiar with.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Sometimes working with data in fields and columns isn't quite right. In this case, the customer needs to schedule deliveries quickly, and a visual presentation with drag and drop made the most sense.

Design Interface

This customer wants to build custom furniture online complete with thousands of configurations and hundreds of custom fabric choices. We built an application that renders instant high-definition previews of the customized furniture pieces based on exact user specifications.


 Your Application Here

Of course the application we build for you will be carefully crafted just for you. Feel fee to [get in touch](/wp/contact-us/request-our-help) and we can get started on your masterpiece today.