Expert Advice

Companies serve a plethora of customers using FileMaker Pro and when they need expert advice they turn to Six Fried Rice. We integrate FileMaker with MySQL, Accounting software, and EDI. We can help keep your systems running smoothly as well if you bring us on board.

How Does it Work?

When you need advice, support, or maintenance services, you need it right away. We don’t want to burdon you with a complex and time consuming project specification process. Our Expert Advice service is designed to be flexible and fast. Just contact SFR for a rate quote, purchase support on a credit card (other terms may be available, subject to credit approval), and start asking questions.

(It only takes a few seconds.)

We can deliver support on-site, over the phone, or by email. We can even produce sample files to demonstrate techniques, or make enhancements directly in your database. Typical services include:

  • Help solving a complicated scripting or relationship problem
  • Assistance integrating FileMaker with other systems through EDI, XML, etc.
  • FileMaker Server configuraiton or maintenance and server hardware advice
  • Disaster recovery

How Much Does it Cost?

Support contracts are typically sold in ten hour increments (although other options are available, including one-time requests). Rates vary depending on expected volume and the services to be provided. To get a quote, contact us.

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