We’re formulating a more comprehensive product strategy now. In the meantime, check these out:

  • FileMaker Barcode Plug-in
    6Barcode creates high-quality barcodes that print on thermal, laser and ink-jet printers through an easy to install/use plug-in. No fonts required.

  • FileMaker Pro 10: The Missing Manual
    Co-authored by SFR co-founder Geoff Coffey, this best-selling FileMaker Pro book covers FileMaker Pro development from top to bottom. Check it out.

  • FileMaker Pro 9 Training CDs
    Presented by Geoff Coffey, these CD-ROMs will teach you the essentials for building a world-class database that benefits from advanced development and customization tools. Enter Promo Code sfr08 and get FREE SHIPPING on any order over $100 from our friends at

  • Rfm: The FileMaker API for Ruby
    If you’ve wondered what all the Ruby on Rails buzz is about, now’s your chance to find out. Rfm lets Rails (and Ruby in general) talk straight to FileMaker Pro.

  • The FileMaker to JSON Converter
    This FREE add-on for FileMaker Server Advanced gives direct-to-JSON capability to your FileMaker server. Now your AJAX web applications, dashboard widgets, and more can pull data from FileMaker with ease.