Archive for March, 2009

  • Six Fried Rice Methodology Part 2 – Anchor Buoy and Data Structures

    3-10-2009 by Daniel Antunes

    In the last post about the Six Fried Rice methodology I went over the concept of data separation and why we use it.  That is essentially the starting point for how we structure the files of our system.  One file contains all of the UI components and scripts for the system while a second file […]

  • Using Global Variables for List Selections

    3-4-2009 by Daniel Antunes

    A funny thing happened while I was stumped over the question of how to allow one of our clients to select and deselect multiple items in a list.  Multiple people would be using the list at the same time.  I was struck by the fact that I’ve been making something more complicated than it needs […]

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