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  • The Secret Life of Find Mode: Dates and Times

    8-28-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    Date values (and to a lesser extent, time values) are exceptionally common in database applications. And it isn’t at all unusual to want to ask you database interesting date-related questions, like “How many orders do we get on Tuesdays?” or “What was our total enrollment for the first quarter?” In fact, it is probably more […]

  • FileMaker Pro 9: The Missing Manual Now Available

    8-28-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    We’re thrilled to let you know that FileMaker Pro 9: The Missing Manual is now available for sale. This sequel to the best selling FileMaker book out there was written by yours truly (Six Fried Rice co-owner Geoff Coffey), and the amazing Susan Prosser. You can read more about it here where you can also […]

  • The Secret Life of Find Mode: Symbols

    8-20-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    Once you’ve mastered multiple requests, you’re ready to move on to the next Find Mode gem: Find Symbols. Using these bits of punctuation, you can tell FileMaker, when it goes about matching records to your find criteria, to be a little more flexible, or a little more strict. In this article, you’ll learn about each […]

  • Dealing with Damaged FileMaker Files

    8-9-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    One of the most asked questions about FileMaker is how to deal with damaged files. There is a glut of choices when attacking this problem and there doesn’t seem to be one single answer. Compact, Optimize or Recover… Maybe Save as Clone which one works and why? Hopefully, this will answer a lot of your […]

  • FileMaker DevCon Day 2

    8-8-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    DevCon Day 2 featured two sessions by a couple of FileMaker insiders. Andy LeCates showed off some really slick implementations of Conditional Formatting and some innovative ways to use tab controls. Jon Thatcher eliminated a lot of the confusion about File Maintenance and Recovery practices.

  • FileMaker DevCon Day 1

    8-7-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    The show has officially started. I’m seeing faces I haven’t seen in ages and having a blast. Here’s a quick recap of the highlights of DevCon so far, from my perspective.

  • Six Fried Rice at the DevCon FileMaker Genius Bar

    8-2-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    I’m excited to let you all know that Jesse and I will be participating in a cool new dealio at DevCon. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the scoop: Chris Kubica (author, developer, and all around FileMaker powerhouse), arranged for a special booth at DevCon to be staffed by reasonably good FileMaker folks like […]

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