Archive for October, 2007

  • Highlighting the Active Field in FileMaker

    10-24-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    One of the common complaints our customers have is that they can’t tell which field they are in when using FileMaker. Before FileMaker 9, there was no way to fix this for them. With the addition of conditional formatting, not only can you highlight the active field but you can make it bold, a different […]

  • Making FileMaker Object Grids Behave

    10-6-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    There’s a lively discussion on the TechNet mailing list right now about the pros and cons of FileMaker Pro’s Object Grids feature. This is certainly an opinionated discussion, and there is clearly no “right” way. A lot of people find Object Grids annoying because it makes it harder to line things up sometimes. Here’s a […]

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