Restoring Active Tab State

> Out of Date: If you’re using FileMaker Pro 10 or later, you can accomplish the goal in this article more easily using script triggers. See [this newer article]( for details.

If you use Tab Controls a lot (and don’t we all?) then you may have run into a little snag: When you switch to a different layout, then come back again, the default tab panel comes back to the front. This is usually not a big deal. But sometimes you have a script that switches layouts just for a moment. When this script runs, the user never sees the layout change, but they *do* see the tab control mysteriously bounce back to its home base. This article shows you how to fix this problem once-and-for-all.

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FileMaker Gets Bento

Many people were surprised by Tuesday’s announcement from FileMaker Inc.: A new “desktop database” application called [Bento]( Nobody I know had any idea this was in the works, and I’m pretty sure it is the first product from FMI that is not directly FileMaker Pro related since Claris Organizer was released back in 1827 or thereabouts. For a FileMaker announcement, Bento is getting [a]( [lot]( [of]( [coverage]( in the Mac media. Here’s our take.

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