Archive for November, 2007

  • Restoring Active Tab State

    11-23-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    Out of Date: If you’re using FileMaker Pro 10 or later, you can accomplish the goal in this article more easily using script triggers. See this newer article for details. If you use Tab Controls a lot (and don’t we all?) then you may have run into a little snag: When you switch to a […]

  • FileMaker Gets Bento

    11-14-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    Many people were surprised by Tuesday’s announcement from FileMaker Inc.: A new “desktop database” application called Bento. Nobody I know had any idea this was in the works, and I’m pretty sure it is the first product from FMI that is not directly FileMaker Pro related since Claris Organizer was released back in 1827 or […]

  • Tab Controls without the Tabs

    11-2-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    Tab controls have added a wealth of options to FileMaker developers looking to better organize and present data to their clients. The only limitation is that the tabs could only be placed on the top of the tab controls isn’t always ideal. FileMaker 9 provides a much more powerful and interesting way of controlling your […]

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