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  • Stored Calculations and FileMaker Plug-ins

    7-31-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    FileMaker Server does some funny things when you create a stored calculation that uses a plug-in. In fact, odds are you received everyone’s favorite invalid character, the ?. This article explains why this occurs and gives some solutions for this rather pesky problem.

  • Automate FileMaker Plug-in Deployment with AutoUpdate

    7-31-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    Back in the late 19th century, when FileMaker Server 5.5 was released, one of its stellar new features was AutoUpdate. FileMaker Server can automatically install plug-ins on the connecting FileMaker Pro clients as needed. This is very cool, but there are a few gotchas, which are explained here.

  • Configuring Firewall Ports for FileMaker 9

    7-27-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    FileMaker Server 9 represents a pretty significant redesign of the FileMaker Server product line. One consequence of all the changes is that things may not work properly without reconfiguring your firewall(s). Improper firewall configuration can lead to all kinds of problems, some obvious (I can’t connect to my server) and some not-so-obvious (the Server Admin […]

  • The Secret Life of Find Mode: Requests

    7-23-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    FileMaker’s find mode is a great feature. You can tell because, like all great technologies, it is easy to understand the first time you try it, and yet has a depth of capability that can be unlocked if you know a little more. Unfortunately, many FileMaker developers (and users) never venture beyond the simplest of […]

  • Custom Page Numbers in PDFs and Printed Reports

    7-18-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    In FileMaker 9 Tip #6 we explained how to use the new Append to PDF feature in FileMaker 9. With it, you can build up a PDF file over many steps in a script, to produce a much more complex and data-rich PDF than was ever possible before. One of our readers, Norman Foster, asked […]

  • Getting Started with External SQL Sources

    7-17-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    On the off chance you’ve been hiding under an old Microsoft Access box for the last couple weeks, let me be the first to tell you that FileMaker now supports direct links to SQL databases. In other words, you can use table from a MySql, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server database right in FileMaker with […]

  • Creating Random Numbers in FileMaker

    7-14-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    Creating a random number with FileMaker is a seemingly impossible task. Fortunately for us, FileMaker provides us with a very useful calculation function to help us along the way: Random. Alas, this function isn’t quite what you think.

  • Deleting Duplicate Records in FileMaker

    7-13-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    Duplicate data always seems to creep it’s way into your system no matter how hard you try. Unfortunately, in FileMaker there is no easy way to deal with junk. Or is there?

  • Passing Multiple Parameters to Scripts – Advanced

    7-12-2007 by Jesse Antunes

    Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever you need a parameter you could just ask for it by name? Lets say that you have a create order script and you want to pass the script the name, street and zip code of the customer. If you were stuck with just the regular old FileMaker functions there […]

  • FileMaker 9 Tip#9: Web Viewers without the Web

    7-12-2007 by Geoff Coffey

    Another day, another awesome new FileMaker 9 feature. Today’s special: so called data URLs. In a nutshell, you don’t need a web site to use web viewers anymore. Now they can easily (read: without crazy exports and obscene path hacks) show data pulled right from the FileMaker database itself. This is, like, way cooler than […]

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