The OnObjectValidate Trigger

FileMaker 11 added just one new object trigger, and it is a strange little dude: `OnObjectValidate`. This trigger fires after you edit a field, before it is validated. If you thought FileMaker already had enough after-you-change-a-field triggers, you were mistaken. In this article, I explain how the various field triggers fit together and why `OnObjectValidate` exits. You then get a simple example of how it can be used. And as a special bonus, I show you how to extend the technique so it can easily be reused over and over again.

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Pop: Goes the…um…Variable

We start our return to semi-regular writing with a small-but-awesome custom function: `Pop`. If you grew up in the American mid-west like me you might think I’m talking about [soda|soda pop|coke|soft drinks]. But I’m actually talking about [stacks][pop]. In the computer science world, `pop` means to take something off the top of a list, and it is exceptionally handy to make it easy in FileMaker scripting.


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Here, at the End of All Things

Let me start by saying: “Ouch.” It has been far, far, far too long since our last article. Someone much wiser than me once said something like this: “My only comfort is that I tried. My only regret is that I failed.” I’ll leave it at that.

In short order, I’ll be posting our first new article in over 18 months. But first I thought I’d share a little news. For those who are here for great FileMaker info, feel free to skip ahead. (And let’s be honest, that’s the only reason *any* of you are here.)

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Script Triggers: Monitoring and Restoring Tabs

FileMaker 10’s new Script Triggers feature just keeps delivering. You might, at first, think triggers are limited to layouts and fields, but it turns out your triggers can fire with all kinds of objects. In this article we’ll show you how to run scripts when users switch tabs on your tab controls. In the end, we’ll also revisit a common FileMaker problem: tabs switch when you switch layouts. We’ll show you how to solve this problem quickly and easily using script triggers.

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Make the Status Toolbar Work for You

[FileMaker 10][fm10]’s most visible new feature is the completely redesigned Status toolbar (formerly called the Status *area*). Perhaps because of its prominent position, or because it is such a striking departure from a 20-year FileMaker mainstay, this change has been met with its fair share of controversy. In this article we’ll show you why you don’t need to worry, and how you can make the new Status toolbar *work for you*.

[fm10]: “Our complete coverage of FileMaker Pro 10”

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Script Triggers: Filter as You Type

For years, FileMaker developers have been devising various *filter* techniques. The idea is that you type all or part of a name, part number, description, etc… and a list of results filters down to show relevant matches. As handy as these techniques are, they always stop just short of perfect because, before FileMaker 10, you had to *exit the field* before the filter would take effect. Using FileMaker 10’s powerful Script Triggers, you can make the impact of your filtering more immediate.

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Set Field by Name Exposed

In our [article about FileMaker 10][fm10], we promised some tips on using the new `Set Field by Name` script step, which gives FileMaker the power of _[indirection][indirection]_. This is a complicated concept, and we’ll be posting some real world examples along the way, as well. But first, we’ll give you a full explanation of the new script step and function that make indirection possible.

[fm10]: /wp/introducing-filemaker-10/ “What’s new in FileMaker Pro 10”
[indirection]: “Wikipedia on Indirection”

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Introducing FileMaker Pro 10

If you thought FileMaker 9 was a big update ([and we clearly did][fm9]) you’ll be thrilled with number 10. It starts with some flagship new features like Script Triggers (_finally!_) and infinitely more useful Sub-Summary parts, plus the usual round of small tweaks and improvements. But this release takes it one step further with a total overhaul of FileMaker’s most ubiquitous interface element. Gone is the Status Area, replaced by a freshly designed, much more useful Status Toolbar. Here, we’ll introduce you to everything new in FileMaker 10. Keep an eye out for more articles about how to use all this great new stuff.

[fm9]: “Our Articles on FileMaker 9”

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